Children are welcome in our salon, but please note:

  • Older children must remain in the designated waiting area and must be capable of sitting quietly with a game, device or other diversion.
  • Children too young to be unsupervised may stay with you on the salon floor as long as our team is able to work unimpeded.
  • Our team is not responsible for supervising, entertaining or caring for guests’ children.
  • Children may not walk or run around the salon floor unaccompanied.


 To ensure that all our guests receive the relaxing experience we strive to provide: 

  • Please silence your cell phone, turn it off or set it to vibrate while within the salon.
  • Cell phones may not be used while you are in the stylist’s chair.
  • Calls may be taken in an urgent situation only; as a courtesy to others in the salon, please limit the volume and length of your call.


We are happy to exchange any product whose quality is defective or whose results do not meet your expectations.


Bellisimo Salon is not responsible for lost or stolen items, or items left behind.  

Visa, MasterCard and cash are all accepted methods of payment.