Why We Use Davines

Your experience – feel beautiful, inside and out.

At Bellisimo Salon, we have over 30 years of bringing superior experience to our clients that live and play in Southwest Florida. Bellisimo is a space where we focus on our clients’ comfort and on providing a relaxing and renewing experience. You know how you feel after a great experience at a salon, and Bellisimo is the destination for that experience!

Davines Hair Salon

When you support Bellisimo, you support inner and outer beauty. Beauty is not only about hair style and skincare, but it is also a result of your inner well-being.

We also support the well-being of our planet.

Bellisimo Salon is a Davines Sustainable Beauty Partner.

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Davines Hair Products

Bellisimo promotes the full line of Davines hair products.

Why Bellisimo uses Davines hair products?

Davines is an organization that must manufacture and ship products. They seek to do so in a way that is sustainable, with respect for both the health of humans and the environment.

  • Sustainability in production

Davines production contributes to zero carbon emissions by the reforestation of an at-risk area in the northern plateau of Ethiopia, Africa.

  • Sustainability in packaging

Davines has the necessity to package and distribute products to partner salons, like Bellisimo. In doing so, Davines uses recycled and recyclable materials to contain products and uses shipping methods designed for minimal extra packaging and waste.

  • Sustainability in business practices

Davines uses renewable resources for the electrical energy used in their production center and business offices.

More than healthy hair and outer beauty, Bellisimo wants to support a healthier you and a healthier planet!

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