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Our colorists are skilled in advanced techniques including balayage, fashion tones, color correction and more.

Chemical Services

At Bellisimó, we believe looking beautiful is living beautiful, and we do all that we can to keep you feeling beautiful. Sometimes a little change makes the biggest difference, especially with the color or texture of your hair. Bellisimó offers several chemical processes to help you make these changes. These include one step hair color, highlights or lowlights, perms and straightening. We also offer camo for men to create dimension and subtle change in hair color, while allowing for translucent coverage of grey. All chemical services are priced without a cut and style, and straightening services and prices are chosen based upon professional consultation.

Base Color
Base Pulled-thru
Base with Highlights
Partial Highlights
Special Occasion
Full Highlights
Men’s Color
Color Correction
Design Waves

Hair Color – Offering Top of the Line Salon Color Services

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  • Personal Service in a Warm & Inviting Atmosphere
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  • Popular Color Treatments, Permanents, and Hair Color Services
  • Bellisimo Salon offers a wide range of hair color solutions including base color, highlights, permanents, color correction, design waves, straightening and much more.

We truly believe that looking beautiful is living beautiful. And we know that sometimes a little change can make a huge difference, specifically when working with the texture or the color of your hair.

We can provide hair color ideas and tips for colors and matching if you are looking for a new shade, inspiration or simply want a change.

To assist you when making a change, Bellisimo offers several services including highlights, lowlights, one-step hair color, permanent and of course straightening.

In addition for men we offer Camo which allows a subtle hair color change while providing translucent coverage for grey hair.

All of our chemical and hair color services are priced separately (cut and style not included). Straightening pricing is based upon our professional consultation.