How To Make Flat Iron Waves

How to Achieve Flat Iron Waves

Balayage hair is everywhere! The color trend has been around for quite awhile now but has definitely been most prominent in the 2016-17 year period. If you’re not familiar with the term balayage, it is a hair coloring technique that usually leaves the base of the hair darker and softly blends out to a much lighter tone. It can range from some subtle, sun kissed pieces to more extreme color contrasts that definitely turn heads on the street.

Flat Iron Waves

With the huge demand for balayage locks, stylists and people alike have come up with some great hairstyles, but nothing quite goes hand in hand like balayage and those soft, effortless beach waves. You know what I’m talking about. And if you don’t, take a minute to explore the hair section of Pinterest.

Making Flat Waves

Although the coveted waves look pretty easy to achieve, the style can sometimes be a little tricky. Let’s talk about how you can execute this style without the fancy professional tools and with just your handy dandy flat iron.

Prepping the Hair


With any good hairstyle, there has to be a sturdy base so prepping the hair with the right products is important. Depending on the texture of your hair (fine, curly, coarse, etc), there are certain products you can utilize to maintain great looking hair all day.

Recommended Aveda Products

For instance, if you are someone with medium textured hair that tends to get frizzy, try using Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep to defrizz and Aveda Phomollient styling foam for some hold and volume on damp hair. Then after blow drying, go in with Aveda Shampure Thermal Conditioning Spray to protect against heat, add shine and condition.

Achieving the Look

Now for the fun part. Break out your trusty flat iron and heat it up! Depending on the type of curl you want to achieve, that will determine how fast or slow you move the flat iron through your hair and how many times you wrap the hair around the iron.

Flat Iron Techniques

If you want a loose, slightly wavy curl, you would run the iron through quickly and wrap only once. For a tighter, bouncier curl, you would run through slowly and wrap around twice. Playing around with the angle (horizontally, vertically, diagonally) you hold the iron will create different curl patterns. Have fun with it and discover which technique works out best for you!

flat iron waves fort myers

Here’s an example of a tighter, bouncier curl with a flat iron.

There you have it! With the right products and a little practice you can create Instagram worthy locks at home. If you found this information helpful and try out this hairstyle, we here at Bellisimo Salon would love to see it! Tag us @Bellisimo_FtMyers on INSTAGRAM and hashtag #bellisimosalonftmyers or find us on Facebook at Bellisimo Hair Salon and share your experience with us!