Check Out This “Before & After” Men’s Haircut

We start off our “Before and After” Stories with a look at how one of our top stylists creates an awesome transformation with this awesome mens haircut.

Mens Haircut

When it comes to a men’s haircut, I look at the shape of the client’s head, cow licks, receding hairlines and any baldness. I use the clipper over comb technique to help me cut the hair in a way that best fits the clients head shape. Before I start the haircut, I get the hair wet and make a horseshoe shape at the top section of the head.

Men’s Cut

I the start on my dominant side, being the right side, and work all the way around to the left, cutting in a graduation. Head positioning determines the amount of graduation that is needed. Head tilted furthest from you means more graduation, head tilted towards you means less.

Once I’m done with the sides, I then start the top.   When I’m at the top of the head, I make the 4 plus part then cut at vertical angles from the right (my dominant side) to the left. Doing this, it leaves more weight in the back to help weigh down cowlicks and swirls.

The Aveda Treatment

Once the cut is finished, I then take them back to the shampoo bowl. Depending on if the hair is thin, I would use the invati men’s thickening shampoo. It helps with hair loss and makes hair thicker.

For all other hair I would just use Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo helps cleanse the scalp of any dead skin cells and build up. Then after rinsing I use the conditioner which helps add moisture to the scalp. The conditioner like all the men’s hair products, is anti-inflammatory which helps with redness in the scalp.

Men’s scalps are tougher than women’s scalps so they require more moisture, which is what the conditioner produces. It also helps keep the hair from getting “poofy.”

The Final Cut

After the shampoo, I take the client back to the chair and get them towel dried. I then choose a product that best suits the clients texture and style of the hair. In this particular haircut, I finished it with the new Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance thickening paste.

You can use as much as you want. It gives the hair a nice fullness without having product buildup. After the product is applied, you can see if there is anything that needs touched up throughout the hair. Once completely satisfied the mens hair cut is finished. This should take no longer than 30 min.

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